Company Presentation

Installed in Portugal in 1965, Celulose Billerud SARL emerged as an initiative of Billerud AB, a Swedish company related to one of the former and largest Portuguese industrial groups, the Companhia União Fabril (CUF). The company started in 1967, with the production of soluble pulp destined to the manufacture of textile fibers, with 80 000 tonnes as full capacity. In June 2006, the Altri Group entered into an agreement that lead to the acquisition of 100% of the voting rights of the organization, and the deal was completed in August 2006.

Currently, the company is called Celbi S.A, belonging to the ALTRI group, dedicating itself to the production of short fiber pulp, of high quality, from Eucalyptus, suitable for the production of certain types of paper and cardboard, having at the moment 235 employees.

Today, the company is a worldwide reference in the production of eucalyptus pulp, being one of the most efficient producers in Europe (production in closed process, ecologically and environmentally balanced), with an annual production capacity of about 700,000 tons.

Altri is listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange (Euronext Lisbon) since March 2005, which holds its main stock market index, PSI20.

The company has 205.131.672 shares that were admitted into quotation in March 2005.

In recent years, Altri invested more than 500 million euros in Celbi, on behalf of C09 and C15 projects, resulting in a double capacity of the production of the plant and a significant increase in its efficiency and competitiveness.