Social Responsability

Celbi recognises its responsibility towards the Community and actively participates in the development and support of initiatives and actions put forward by various institutions. This attitude underlines its commitment to create relevant relationships with the local communities. Financial donations and logistic support are the main contributions of the company to valuable projects identified as having a significant impact in the well- being and in the quality of life of the local population.

Celbi builds up other interaction activities with the neighbouring communities.

As an example, whenever IT equipment in the company is upgraded and modernised, Celbi gives away computers and consumables to non-profitable institutions in order to stimulate people from all social layers to get acquainted with the new technologies.

The company welcomes and supports all programmes organised by Clube Celbi that promote satisfaction and well-being to Celbi employees. Besides those programmes, Celbi also sponsored a range of activities in the social, cultural, sportive and recreational areas, organised by local and national clubs and local associations.


In 2010, as an example, the company invested 1.6 million euros in the improvement of the road access to Celbi and Leirosa.

In 2012, Celbi signed a protocol with the town council of Figueira da Foz and the EPIS - Empresários pela Inclusão Social (Businessmen for Social Inclusion). This protocol aims to implement a network of professional training mediators to promote the sucess of students of the 1st and 3rd cycle of basic education in Figueira da Foz schools.

In 2013 Celbi signed a cooperation protocol with Figueira da Foz District Hospital, formalizing a partnership based on social responsibility criteria. The protocol aims to ensure assistance in the field of medical care to the population that uses the Hospital and was materialized by the donation of twenty-one computers and eight monitors by Celbi to the League of Friends of the Hospital, equipment necessary to the operation of the Short-Term Internment Unit of the Emergency Department