Critical Success Factors

Celbi operates in a global market, where the main performers of the sector worldwide also act. This means to permanently live in a strong and aggressive environment where competitiveness is the main success factor. In this atmosphere of global challenges, the way companies deal with their human resources is critical for their survival. In order to give answers to these challenges, Celbi defined a human resources strategy based on the following guidelines:


To prepare an appropriate and efficient organisation capable to face challenges in the future, by providing it with the necessary management tools, namely people and their skills.


To create a culture of performance in the organisation that mobilizes the employees to always exercise an excellent conduct, and that directs them to the pursuit of challenging objectives;


To stimulate the development of employees' skills in order to achieve a greater functional flexibility, thus preparing them both for the succession plans and for future challenges.


To attract and keep the most competent professionals in order to ensure the excellence of the work and to strengthen the company image.