Open Doors - Come to visit Celbi

After a brief but enlightening safety instructions video, the participants of this first Open Day boarded on the bus that took them on a tour to the manufacturing facilities, stopping at a production control room and also in the paper pulp drying machine with a four-story height. The guests were divided in two groups, for security reasons, and were accompanied by people in charge of Celbi, ready and willing to clarify any doubts and answer all the questions.

Finishing this lively morning, the participants were given a surprise gift to remember this experience for a long time: the book "A Indústria de pasta de celulose na história da Figueira da Foz" ("The paper pulp industry in Figueira da Foz history") written by Engineer Manuel Saraiva Santos, an umbrella, an edition of Fibra Nova magazine, the most recent Environmental Statement of the company, a notepad and a personal organizer, so that 2016 can be a decent year worth noting, for all, for the best reasons.


10: 00h - Guests Reception

10: 30h - Viewing of the Institutional Film of Celbi

10: 40h - Welcoming message from the administration

10: 50h - Presentation of the "Performance and Environmental Indicators."

11:00h - Visit to the manufacturing facilities.

Throughout 2016, we plan to carry out more initiatives like this, fundamentally addressed to the population that lives near our mill.

On 13th February, we will receive the inhabitants who will sign up*, of Praia da Leirosa and other parts of the parish.

* For organizational and logistics reasons, registration is limited.