Leirosa’s Kindergarten with new air conditioning

Celbi has always cared about the community, and so when the parents and guardians of the children at Leirosa’s Kindergarten reached out to ask for help, Celbi jumped at the chance to make a difference. 

Headed up by Paulo Loureiro, an employee of Celbi, these representatives asked for the school’s classrooms to be equipped with air conditioning to ensure the children’s wellbeing. Paulo Loureiro’s request led to discussions betweenCelbi, the Paião School Group {Agrupamento de Escolas do Paião (AEP)} and Figueira da Foz City Council (MFF). Given that Celbi has always wanted to help the community, it was decided to support the initiative with a donation of €9,500 allowing three air conditioning units to be installed. 

This funding was ratified in a collaboration protocol with the city council to endow Leiorsa’s Kindergarten with this equipment, and the official signing was attended by the Celbi administrator, Nogueira dos Santos, the mill manager of Celbi, Paulo Jordão, the mayor of Figueira da Foz, Carlos Monteiro, municipal councillor for education Nuno Gonçalves, and Paula Carrito, the head of the Paião School Group.